The workshop is located in UKRAINE.

Ukraine is our Homeland, we are living and working here our whole lifes. But now we have faced a disaster whose name is RUSSIAN ARMY. They have no honor, no empathy, no mercy. They attacking civil objects – schools, hospitals, kindergardens, our homes. They looting, raping and torturing civils on invaded areas. They using all types of weapons include claster bombs, phosphoric bombs and thermobaric bombs. 2 words – PURE EVIL. Thats why they won’t win this war. Whole world finally see the real face of russia. We have to stop the agressor before the crysis grew into WW3 with nuclear weapons involved. Ukrainians fight for our common freedom! Ukrainians need your help!

Every purchase from this store will go on support of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Processing terms are extended to 2-3 weeks. Feel free to request custom orders. WE ARE OPEN!

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